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Natural Factors Phosphatidyl Serine PS belongs to a unique class of fat-soluble nutrients called phospholipids. PS is a building block for nerve cell membranes and through that revitalizes all nerve cell functions. PS may benefit most people because we are all subject to free radicals formed from breathing in cigarette smoke, alcohol consumption, environmental pollution, and/or chronic emotional stress, factors that have a cumulative negative effect on the brain. Unlike typical antidepressant drugs, phosphatidylserine does not influence serotonin and other neurotransmitters suggesting another mechanism of action such as a reduction in the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol. Directions: 1 softgel, 3 times daily.

  • Natural Factors PS (Phosphatidyl Serine) - 30 Softgels
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PhosphatidylSerine by Natural Factors - 30 softgels, 100 mg
2449 3233

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