Maca, once treasured by the Incas for its energy boosting effect, is now blended together with the delicious taste of cacao powder. Maca is a root grown in the high plateaus of the Andes mountains in Peru. Cacao is a bean grown on a tree native to Central America. Combined together, Organika's certified Organic Gelatinized Maca + Cacao powder provides a delicious boost with a smooth chocolate taste that will transform your smoothie or dessert. Comes in convenient single serve sachets as well, perfect on the go.

  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Sourced directly from Peru and is certified organic to ensure quality and purity
  • ADDED CACAO: To provide a delicious chocalately flavour as well as provide a potent source of antioxidants. A 70% Maca 30% Cacao combination
  • GELATINIZED FOR INCREASED ABSORPTION: Gelatinization is a cooking process that removes the starches from the maca to help increase bioavailability as well as help with digestion
  • INCREASE LIBIDO: Components of maca help increase libido for both men and women to keep a happy and healthy sex life
  • HORMONE BALANCE: Adaptogenic qualities help balance hormone imbalances to provide mental clarity as well as aid relief of pre-menstrual and menopause symptoms for women
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Organika Certified Organic Maca-Cacao Powder- Gelatinized for Better Absorption-Energizing, Libido, Adaptogen, Hormone Balance 200 g

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