1784 1884

Activated Charcoal in its homeopathic form

  • WHITE CHARCOAL: Due to the homeopathic process of succession, our charcoal capsules are white. This does not affect the quality or effectiveness, just the process of homeopathy turns products white
  • DIGESTIVE DISTURBANCES: Activated charcoal is great to help combat those uncomfortable digestive disturbances. Upset stomach, gas, bloating; take our activated charcoal capsules to help with relief
  • DETOX: Charcoal binds to unwanted materials and toxins in the body and helps release these materials out of your body to help make you feel better
  • WOOD CHARCOAL: Sourced from birch and beech trees, our activated charcoal has a greater ability to bind to different sizes of materials as compared to a coconut charcoal.
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Organika Activated Charcoal- Homeopathic, Detox, Digestive Aid- 90 vcaps
1784 1884

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