Cold-pressed Evening Primrose Oil contains a minimum gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) content of 10%. GLA is recognized as beneficial for women’s health.

  • SUPPORTS HEALTH: In addition to a long history of use in populations recent research suggests a role for evening primrose oil in the treatment of women’s health concerns including hot flashes, menstruation and breast pain.
  • HELPS MAINTAIN HEALTHY-LOOKING SKIN: Our evening primrose oil soft-gels contain GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), an omega-6 essential fatty acid which may help keep skin looking healthy. Research shows an ability to help reduce inflammation, improve skin integrity and to reduce dryness through daily consumption.
  • HORMONAL BALANCE: Omega Woman is an evening primrose oil supplement with 500 mg to support a woman’s unique hormonal needs and promote healthy skin.
  • SUPPORTS A HEALTHY IMMUNE RESPONSE: As if healthy-looking skin wasn’t enough, research suggests that GLA, like that supplied by Evening Primrose Oil, can also support a healthy immune response in your body.
  • MAXIMUM ABSORPTION: Our fast-release liquid soft-gels deliver high evening primrose oil absorption to help improve skin health. It also nourishes your skin.
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New Roots Herbal - Evening Primrose Oil 500 mg, 90 softgels - Made with Organic Evening Primrose · Eczema/Acne

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