GOODTO GO Raspberry Lemon Soft Baked Bars has the bright acidity of fresh lemons and the sweetness of sun-ripe raspberries. Craving something sweet with a fruit-based flavor? GOODTO GO Raspberry Lemon is your go-to snack. This bar has also a high content of healthy fats (13g) and of dietary fiber (7g). Made with simple, organic, high-quality ingredients, non-GMO Project Verified and vegan

  • Delicious, with very low sugar (2g) High in fiber. Made with quality organic ingredients Keto-certified by the Paleo Foundation This tasty snack bar provides a healthier option to take with you without harming your ketosis You can enjoy it at the pool, on a picnic, at the beach, while camping, during sports events, on a road trip or out on a hike For a hasty breakfast, quick snack, yummy dessert or to refuel after a workout Everyone will enjoy the delicious t
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GOODTO GO Raspberry Lemon Soft Baked Bars, Net Weight/Bar 1.41 oz. Caddies. Each caddy carries 9 snack bars; this Delicious Snacks Contain Organic Ingredients, Keto Certified Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten Free Ingredients, Peanut Free, Vegan, Kosher

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