Derma med laboratories established in 1997, has become widely recognized as one of Canada's leading manufacturers of natural skincare and therapeutic products. Its products made with the finest natural and certified organic ingredients have long been sought after by customers of natural health food stores like whole foods market, choices market and alive health Centre in BC, goodness me in Ontario as well as Avril super Marche Sante and les marches tau in Quebec.

  • Dermamed rescue balm is the result of years of research that has led to the development of this highly effective, all-natural topical treaent for psoriasis
  • Pure botanical extracts and natural therapeutic ingredients synergistically target the various inflammatory factors involved in the pathogenesis of psoriasis
  • Relieves severe therapy-resistant psoriasis, without any side effects. Formulated in a unique transdermal delivery system that promotes optimal absorption of nutrients
  • Non-Irritating to the skin, not to be taken internally, not tested on animals. Made in Canada
SKU: wg827118801622
Dermamed Rescue Balm, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

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