Proven anti-stress nutrients to help you feel better. The "Stress of Life" by Dr. Hans Selye (a Canadian Endocrinologist) and published in 1956, provided scientists and doctors with ground-breaking findings related to the effects of chronic stress on our health. Since then, many scientists have confirmed that chronic stress disrupts normal hormonal secretion patterns and creates hyperactivity in the nervous system, all of which can culminate into a myriad of common health problems. Chronic Stress, Cortisol and Disease When we are subjected to chronic stress, the pituitary gland prompts the adrenals to pump out excess amounts of cortisol. Nutritional Adaptogens to the Rescue Adaptogens, discovered in certain herbs, prevent the over-secretion of cortisol and help reduce the impact of stress on the body in numerous ways. Adaptogens were discovered in 1947 by the Russian scientist Dr. Nicolai Lazarev, who coined the name "adaptogen." Unfortunately, some adaptogen-containing herbs contain other undesirable constituents which interfere with many drugs or may produce adverse side effects. As such, many experts caution against the use of ginseng (Siberian, Korean, Panax, etc.) and licorice as stress-fighting supplements. The adaptogen-containing herbs that provide the best anti-stress benefits and have the best safety record include: - Rodiola - Schisandra - Ashwaghanda Working synergistically, these herbs have been shown to tone down the over-secretion of cortisol, maintain more optimal immune function and support the brain's ability to make optimal amounts of memory and feel-good chemicals (serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine etc) under periods of chronic stress. As well, to prevent adrenal fatigue it is important to take a high potency multiple vitamin (e.g.,Adëeva Multiple Vitamin and Mineral) and to acquire additional vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, magnesium, vitamin C and zinc from an adrenal support supplement.

  • Supports brain ability to make optimal amounts of memory
  • Proven anti-stress nutrients to help you feel better
  • Inhibit excess production of Cortisol in body
  • Maintain more optimal immune function
  • Avoids chronic stress and disease
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Adrenal Support Formula

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