Medication Made Easy

Peazy makes keeping track of your medications a breeze. Find out how by watching the video.


All your pills arrive pre-sorted by day and time in easy-to-open, individual pouches.


Each pouch shows you exactly what you’re taking and when to take it.

Peazy is a service that saves you time, headache, and hassle!


Pouches fit right in your pocket, bag or purse and go wherever you do.


The best part is that Peazy is available at no extra cost.

In Ontario we even waive the $2.00 copay for low-income seniors, and we take $2.00 off for high-income seniors. We make sure you don’t pay anymore than you did at your previous pharmacy but still get all the conveniences and more


Designed for caregivers

No more sorting pills, chasing refills, or waiting in line. We take care of the medication so you can take care of your patient.

Sorted and delivered

Get daily medications packaged by dose and delivered anywhere.

Management and support

We automatically renew refills and if you ever need assistance, our team is available 24/7.



Q: What if I take non-RX medications, can these be put in Peazy?+
Q: Will this cost me more than what I pay at my existing pharmacy?+
Q: What if I split my pills?+
Q: How do I transfer?+
Q: Do you take my insurance?+
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