Nursing Homes and Institutions

Adherence through Elevated Medication Management.

Well + Good Pharmacy specializes in safe and efficient medication management solutions for Group Homes, Assisted Living and Long Term Care facilities. We work directly with caregivers on a case management model to customize their in-home processes and help them administer medication to residents.

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Fully Customizable Pouches

  1. Patients Name
  2. Unit or Multi-dose
  3. Transparent Packaging
  4. Can be customized to show icons, times or time of day
  5. Pills can easily be crushed inside pouch
  6. Unique barcode for accuracy and traceability
  7. Easy to tear by hand
  8. Can be customized to show generic or/and brand along with strength

On-boarding is fast and easy with our GoodTransition program. So whether you require assistance with individual or group medication plans, Well + Good Pharmacy has you covered.

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We Operate on a Case Management Model

Medication-On-Time Management

  • Pharmacists prearrange prescribed doses for you, by date and time
  • Save time and energy involved in managing multiple prescriptions
  • Prevents mistakes when taking your medications
  • Take the doses you need when you are on the move

Comprehensive Medication Management

  • Each client is contacted by a Treatment Care Pharmacy Member on a monthly basis
  • No auto-refills. Each Medication Profile is reviewed on a monthly basis before refill
  • Have all your prescriptions filled and delivered at the same time
  • your refills are delivered before your last dose


  • Choose to have your medications packaged in traditional vials
  • PRN medications in colour specific bottles

Packaging Options

  • Unit Dose
  • Multi Dose

24/7 Consultations and Confidential Delivery

  • 24/7 pharmacist access and delivery
  • Presonal and confidential delivery to any address(with specific delivery instructions, i.e. access codes, authorization for others to sign, etc.)
  • Same-day or overnight delivery
  • Package tracking

Treatment Advocacy and Education

Well + Good Pharmacy has Treatment Advocates to take thise journey with you. We put the needs of our clients first. Adherence and compliance to treatment is key, yet we know that there are obstacles along the way. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff strive to fill the gap in other service by assisting you with.

  • Case management
  • Patient and staff educators on a variety of topics
  • Facilitate and co-facilitate support groups
  • Substance abuse counselors and rehab support
  • Mental health support
  • Transportation and housing resources

Patient/Co-payment Assistance

Well + Good Pharmacy Services is staffed with patient advocates that provide financial assistance information with prescription drug costs. Medication therapy can be costly even with provincial and/ or insurance coverage. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff strive to help you get treatment at an affordable cost by:

  • Providing you with financial assistance information, including available literature and information on provincial programs, disease-specific agencies, and manufacturer co-pay assistance programs
  • Assisting you in obtaining financial assistance through various disease-specific foundations and/or manufacturers

Our current supportive housing partners include

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